Speeding Up

Holy macaroni, ask for a flood and you'll get it! Amherst and Michigan (I applied to both for fiction) notified today. Ahh well...

Iowa also notified at least one person (I didn't apply there).

The big excitement for me is that Minnesota notified more people today. I can't wait to bounce my brain off of other people's brains. Congratulations, MN folks!

Congrats to all acceptances, new and old---and hang in there, those of you who haven't heard yet. It's still crazy early in the game.

PS---Nothing in the mailbox today.

PPS---My cat threw up three times today, and not furballs. I'm kind of worried about him, and I have to admit that a part of me is also wondering if this is some kind of bad omen. Ridiculous.

No promising job leads posted on Craigslist today. Man, it's 5 pm and I haven't eaten yet. I'm going to go get in the shower, then I'm going to eat TWO packages of ramen, and some leftover chicken. And I'm going to watch The Office.

Update 11:30 pm: I think Boots is okay. (I didn't name him that, by the way. He's adopted, and I just couldn't bring myself to change his name. He's old.)


Jana said...

Hi, I'm one of the other MN acceptees (CNF), and I've stalked you here from the MFA blog. :) If you want to do some brain-bouncing, let me know! MN was one of my top choices, too, and I doubt I'll get any offers more attractive than theirs, so I'm pretty confident that I will be heading there in the Fall. Anyway, I think this should give you a link to my email in case you want to get in touch.

Jana said...

Oops... guess not. you can reach me at embodied.anima (at) gmail (dot) com

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