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U Minnesota MFA

University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota: Wish You Were Here
Intro blurb voiced by Garrison Keillor


City of Minneapolis Official site

Minneapolis Craigslist Apartments, roommates

Minneapolis Wikipedia Because Wikipedia knows everything?

Pros and Cons of Minneapolis


City Pages News, culture, art, music, nightlife
Seems cool, like Boston's Weekly Dig, which I loved and still check out occasionally. (When I pick up a Tucson Weekly, on the other hand, I really only read the syndicated columns/comics at the back. I'm afraid the rest of it usually bores me.)

Secrets of the City, Minneapolis/St.Paul: Includes local art/culture/food/politics links and articles, and a forum.

Thrifty Hipster: Special deals, happy hours, music venues, restaurants in Minneapolis.

City-Data Forum: Minneapolis-St.Paul...lots of really helpful threads about neighborhoods, renting, commuting etc. Sounds like Uptown, Marcy-Holmes, the Wedge, Whittier and maybe Near Northeast are good areas for grad students to consider (affordable, lots to do, close and with quick bus routes to the U of M, youngish atmosphere but w/out the supposed mayhem of the areas right next to campus.) Here's a thread about "safe, quiet neighborhoods not too far from the U."

LiveJournal Twin
Cities Misc. threads


Minneapolis Public Transit Getting to the U of M by bus and/or lightrail Walkability rankings by address. As an example, here's the walkscore of the campus area around the U Minn English Dept.

Bike/Walk Twin Cities
...Minneapolis seems really walkable!

Bike Commuting in Minneapolis


Open Book: The Loft Literary Center, Milkweed Editions, Minnesota for Book Arts.
1011 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis

The Loft Literary Center

Weisman Museum: 333 East River Road, Minneapolis

Minneapolis Institute of the Arts: 2400 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis

Walker Art Center: 1750 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis

Guthrie Theater
: 818 South 2nd Street, Minneapolis


Poets & Writers Speakeasy: Minneapolis

Poets & Writers Speakeasy: U Minnesota

Grad Cafe: Minneapolis City Guide

Grad Cafe: U Minnesota


Long-distance move, I don't drive, eek! Here's the cheapest option I've found~
ABF U-Pack 5 feet min. in a 28 ft trailer, or a private 6x7x8 "ReloCube." Door to door or terminal to terminal service available. I pack, they drive, sounds good. reviews of U-Pack
Epinions reviews of U-Pack


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Don't forget to buy the complete Mary Tyler Moore series and study up! "Oh, Mr. Grant!"

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Ahh, thanks for this! I'm ready to do some research excited!

found said...

I know, I just can't get enough information! It kind of doesn't feel real that we'll actually be there in just a couple of weeks.

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