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A kind little birdie told me that Cornell has no official waitlist, just a few people on a "shortlist," and they don't tell those people that they're on it unless they ask. I emailed the department on Thursday, asking if they can inform me of my application status, but haven't heard back yet. Maybe they're on spring break? If I don't hear back, I'm calling on Monday for sure.

I guess (according to the birdie) that the program's reasoning for not telling is that they don't want to get people's hopes up...since there are only four spots and it's not the kind of program that people tend to turn down in droves.

Honestly, I don't quite understand that reasoning. Not in the age of internet information overload. I know it's quite possible that my rejection got lost in the mail, but if I am on some kind of shortlist, I sorta think I deserve to know about it. Instead, I'm sitting here in this awful limbo, wondering what's going on. I mean, as it is, if I was on this secret shortlist and never called, I'd end up getting the same standard rejection letter that everyone else got, as soon as the four people accepted their spots. I just would have had to wait for it longer. I'd never know how close I came.

I would treasure even just a little email saying Hey, you almost got in, you probably won't, but you might. It would feel really good to know I got that far. I'm looking at 5 outright rejections and expecting more to come, so a waitlist would feel like a surprise party.

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