what am i doing, what i am doing.


here's a secret. i mostly write this blog using proper capitalization, but if you knew me, you'd know that's not how i talk when i'm talking to friends.

you can be my friend tonight.

what am i doing. what i am. here's a few things:


i'm reading ander monson's other electricities. i'm only like 30 pages in. it's growing inside me. it's everything i need to be reading right now. it's signed. it says something about the white space. i am in it? wherever here is.

"section breaks."

i care about them lately. i'm learning a lot. i'm figuring things. i feel full at the moment. full in the large/wanting way, which is one of my favorites. it makes me wander around with my headphones in, makes me turn music up loud. the snow underfoot.

i am writing.

fell out of my purse: one purple glove. a borrowed hat. cigarette butts i didn't want to throw on the ground. another glove, one of the warm pair i found in my desk. who left it? but i traced my steps back across the street and i found it.

fell out of my pocket: a cigarette case, backseat of car, it says hida. a lighter. found it in snowdrift days later. it's working again. sometimes things need to rest.

my purse broke.

who put these up?

what does postmodern mean? someone said someone said i was that. i think it means i'm trying too hard. i'm going to try not to try so hard. ha ha, ha ha, haaa.

coffeeshop has great graffiti.


smiling at you. smiling at all of you.


here's a picture.

-gen & billy

i care about barns, too.


i'm in boston. i flew here. i'm happy to be here. i miss minneapolis.

how crazy is that?


this is my desk.

i just finished my first semester as a teacher.

thanks, students.


mmm, i'm tired. sorry, i know i haven't said much.

bye again.

Come on inside