It'll Be Here Tomorrow

So, an update.

Rejected by UMass Boston, via website. Rejected by Syracuse, finally, via mail.

Unsure about what's going on with Rutgers-Newark, I know some have been accepted, but other people are saying they haven't made all their selections yet?

Expecting a rejection from U Florida, I think.

Frantically waiting for a rejection from Cornell. People started getting rejections a while ago, now. Every day I go to the mailbox thinking, It has to be in there today. And then it isn't. I know I should just call them so I can stop thinking about it.

In any case, this brings my count to 1 acceptance (thankyouthankyouthankyou), 5 rejections, 3 waiting (1 probable rejection, 1 totally unsure, 1 possible waitlist?)


Writer on Board said...

Congratulations on your acceptance!

found said...

Thanks Writer on Board! I checked out your blog, congratulations on your book! I'll try to find a copy : )

found said...

I guess I should say, new book!

Writer on Board said...

If you get a copy, I won't tell about this blog. Ever. If you don't, I can't promise anything. Think about your future. Go get that book. And post a pic of yourself holding it or you'll never see...Man, I've been writing mystery too long. Okay, sleep is good too. Nite F.

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