MFA Applications

I'm starting this blog pretty late in the season here, but I figure it's a time worth recording. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started all of this---it's an utterly life-consuming process!
My sleeping schedule is completely disjointed, and my MFA-related distraction is probably getting in the way of my (increasingly urgent) job hunting. I wake up thinking about faculties, and fall asleep comparing cities. In a way, it's kind of wonderful. In other ways, I probably need to snap out of it. Maybe writing this blog will help keep me a little bit more centered?

The MFA Blog (and Handbook), the P & W boards and TSE have been invaluable resources.

In no particular order, these are the nine schools I've applied to, for fiction:

U Minnesota
UMass Boston
UMass Amherst
U Michigan
U Florida
UT Austin/Michener Center

It seems like notification season is just about to begin in earnest.
If anyone else going through the same thing happens to stop by my humble little blog, I wish you good luck.


Reeze said...

Thanks for the luck you threw at the obsessed MFA hopefuls! I applied to schools in california. I hope you hear good news soon.

found said...

Thanks for stopping by, Reeze! I just started this thing up. I hope you get into all your favorites. And I checked out your profile...I'm hearing you about the 25-year-old jitters : )

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