I Got a Call This Morning!

It was from a job, and I couldn't be happier.

I felt like (warning, this is just hyperbole, the following did not happen) Cornell called me and then I saw Rutgers' number on call waiting.

The funny thing is that I woke up early this morning to get ready to go out and apply to a couple new leads I found yesterday. So now I'm up early, with a whole day to figure out what to do with.

It's a good thing I'm up, though---this shift I'm going to start Monday begins at 7 am. I've been waking up around 1 pm lately. Yikes. It's a working interview at a local market, and the lady sounded really nice. So as long as I can wake up and catch the bus on time, I think I might be golden. No jinxies!*

*Which makes me wonder---where does the word jinx come from?

From Wikipedia:

It may come from Latin iynx, that is, the wryneck bird, which has occasionally been used in magic and divination and is remarkable for its ability to twist its head almost 180 degrees while hissing like a snake. The Jinx bird is found in Africa and Eurasia.

That bird's not kidding around.

From World Wide Words:

It was a famous vaudeville song, written and sung by William Lingard and first published in 1868. Captain Jinks was an unsuccessful soldier, who was eventually drummed out of the Army. The key verse is this:

The first day I went out to drill
The bugle sound made me quite ill,
At the Balance step my hat it fell,
And that wouldn't do for the Army.
The officers they all did shout,
They all cried out, they all did shout,
The officers they all did shout,
“Oh, that's the curse of the Army.”


On a less ecstatic note, I totally gouged my right ankle while shaving last night. It's really deep this time. What a klutz, eesh.



Okay, enough of that. I have to get out of this house!


bobbyd1536 said...

May she who stands alone, discover the height of her own true potential....

Happy Friday.

and the best thing is Tomorrow is a new day.

Respect. Peace. Growth.

Mangomo said...

Hi! I came here by way of the MFA blog! You commented on the latest race/ethnicity discussion and mentioned you were raised Muslim and I was raised Muslim too! Haha, I feel so silly saying this but I really just wanted to say good to see someone from a similar background thrown into this process! I don't know too many people of color in general and specifically those from a middle eastern background trying to get into an MFA program. I applied to Rutgers-Newark as well and haven't heard back from any of my schools yet :-/ Congrats on the Minnesota acceptance and good luck over all!

Mangomo said...

Yay! Email me at howtoeatamango@gmail.com. I'll respond from my private email and we can chat!

Take care :)


found said...

Thanks bobbyd! Happy Friday to you too : )

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