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So I made this list a while back, of books from all the faculty authors at the programs I've applied to. It's definitely not exhaustive, and for the most part I tried to focus on short stories---it's a long list! Basically I just wanted to have something with me to take to the library, to make sure I could find at least one book by each author. I'm embarrassed to say this, but I just recently realized that the Michener Center does in fact have a permanent faculty (I think?). So there aren't any books from them yet.

Authors and programs are listed in pretty much random order here. I apologize for any mistakes.
s= short stories, ya= young adult, e= essays, c= craft


J. Robert Lennon
Pieces for the Left Hand (s)

Maureen McCoy
Walking After Midnight

Ernesto Quiñonez
Bodega Dreams
Chango’s Fire

Stephanie Vaughn
Sweet Talk (s)

Helena Maria Viramontes
The Moths (s)
Their Dogs Came with Them
Under the Feet of Jesus

Robert Morgan
Gap Creek: The Story of a Marriage
The Balm of Gilead Tree (s)


Tayari Jones
Leaving Atlanta
The Untelling

Alice Elliott Dark
In the Gloaming (s)
Naked to the Waist (s)

Jayne Anne Phillips (Director)
Black Tickets (s)
Fast Lanes (s)

Rigoberto Gonzalez (poetry)
Men without Bliss (s)


Charles Baxter
The Believers (s)
Burning Down the House (e)
The Feast of Love

M.J. Fitzgerald
The Placing of Kings

Julie Schumacher (Director)
An Explanation for Chaos (s)
The Body is Water
Black Box (ya)

David Treuer
The Translation of Dr. Apelles: A Love Story
The Hiawatha


Michael Byers
The Coast of Good Intentions (s)
Long for This World

Peter Ho Davies
The Ugliest House in the World (s)
Equal Love (s)
The Welsh Girl

Nicholas Delbanco
What Remains
The Writer’s Trade (s)
About My Table (s)
The Sincerest Form: Writing Fiction by Imitation (c)

Eileen Pollack (Director)
Paradise, New York


George Saunders
CivilWarLand in Bad Decline (s)
In Persuasion Nation (s)
Pastoralia (s)
The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil

Arthur Flowers
De Mojo Blues: de quest of Highjohn de Conquer
Another Good Loving Blues
Cleveland Lee’s Beale Street Band
Mojo Rising: Confessions of a 21st Century Conjureman

Christopher Kennedy (Director, poetry)


Chris Bachelder
Bear v. Shark

Noy Holland
The Spectacle of the Body (s)

Sabina Murray
The Caprices (s)
A Carnivore’s Inquiry
Slow Burn


John Fulton
Retribution (s)
The Animal Girl (s)

Askold Melnyczuk
What is Told
Ambassador of the Dead
The House of Widows


Mary Robison
An Amateur’s Guide to the Night (s)
Why Did I Ever (s)
Believe Them (s)

Padgett Powell
Aliens of Affection (s)
Typical (s)

David Leavitt

Family Dancing (s)
A Place I’ve Never Been (s)
Arkansas (s)
The Marble Quilt (s)

Jill Ciment
Small Claims (s)
The Law of Falling Bodies

(Visiting Faculty?)


Greg said...

Hey Found,
I came across your site through the MFA Blog, or should I say all us applicants current great obsession. Congrats on the Minnesota acceptance. Good stuff. As is this faculty books list, which, if you don't mind, I'm planning to pooch and print out! Congrats again, and here's hoping more good new comes your way soon.

found said...

Hi Greg, thanks for stopping by. Please do use the list, I was hoping people might stumble across it and find it useful. You're right about the MFA Blog obsession---as a matter of fact, I think I know from the Blog that you're in at UNCG. So congrats back to you! Hope you get into all your favorites.

Greg said...

Thanks, Found. Yeah, I got into Greensboro about the same time you got into Minnesota. Had a similar experience, too. I tried to be all sly about the acceptance at first--e-mailed Seth privately, kept it quite and stuff--but people on the boards started going kind of crazy anyways, and I felt shitty about the whole thing. What can you do... what's exciting for one person is always a heartbreaker for another, I guess. Anyways, continued success with your schools!

found said...

So I'm not the only one! Yeah, beginner's bumbling. I know how it feels from the other side now, anyway---Michigan and Amherst notified today, and they didn't notify me : )

Lexi Elizabeth said...

PS, I absolutely love Michael Byer's "Coast of Good Intentions". What did you think of it?

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