Short Story Contest (Rejections)

I'm taking a short story workshop at my local community college. Since I made the mistake of graduating from Local University in December (why, why, why?!) I have months and months to kill before starting an MFA this fall. I want to bring some new stories with me, and I want to make sure I stay in practice. Also, I'm switching my focus from creative nonfiction (undergrad) to fiction (grad), so a little part of me feels like I need to "catch up" somehow.

Our instructor handed out a flier about a local short story contest, which is apparently open only to students enrolled in least 3 credits at the college. So I'm thinking that the applicant pool can't be too very big. But get this---the prize is $1000. Can you say holy what-what?

I could really use that money. (See my mini-rant on unemployment, below). I have a story I'm thinking I might submit---it doesn't hurt to try, I guess. I already submitted it (rather foolishly) to a Glimmer Train "Family Matters" contest, One Story, and Alligator Juniper's national contest. I think I paid a total of $25 for the contest entries.

I was rejected, rejected, rejected. And no surprise, I understand why. It can definitely use more work, and quadrillions of "real" writers submit to those journals.

On the other hand, it was part of my MFA sample, and so far I know that it (and another story) got me into at least one wonderful program. And this contest has no entry fee.

So maybe I'll have a chance at this thing?


Ms. Sushi said...

I got rejected from One Story too!

found said...

Ha, high five! We're rejection twins.

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