Secret Identities

So---I've decided to blow my cover. I feel like I've gotten over some of my initial embarrassment, largely thanks to those of you who keep visiting, those of you who've taken the time to say a few words. So thanks for that.

Yes, I get pretty silly here, and no, it's nothing fancy. But it's me, or at least it's a little bit of me. Why be ashamed about that? I can put together a more professional-ish site if I ever get to the point where that's necessary.

My other concern was about privacy. The internets frighten me, to be honest---and that's weird, because I tend to be a bit of an internet addict. But I've been delving into the world of blogs more and more lately, and there are plenty of real people out there who use their real names to blog, and they seem none the worse for wear. My friend S. does, and she hasn't had any problems. Same with Twitter---apparently it's no big deal. I guess I'm just more old fashioned than I thought.

I want to be able to share stuff, and sometimes that means I can't be anonymous. Like now: Look, the Minnesota MFA program is welcoming our incoming class! Me, right there, it's real! *happiness*

I'll try it out for a while. If the sky doesn't come crashing down, I guess I'll stick with it.

Here we go (knock on wood):

Hi, I'm Wahida. It's nice to meet you!


Ms. Sushi said...

Hi Wahida! I love Minnesota's web page. The books are a nice touch.

CashewElliott said...

I also do my blog somewhat anonymously, although it's easy enough to figure out my real name by looking around or emailing me. I just don't want my inlaws to be able to google me and find my blog. I wish I didn't have to deal with that.

I wonder if you'll feel a little more restrained in what you post based on the world knowing your identity. I know I would if inlaws were reading.

found said...

Thanks, Ms. Sushi! (Wink, wink.)

I saw that you mentioned your first name on your blog. It's too bad you have to worry about your in-laws finding you, I can see how that must be a pain!

I think I'll probably feel a little bit more restrained, but to tell the truth, I'm already pretty careful about what I mention. I actually don't talk much about the specifics of my personal life. And as far as everything else, I don't really say anything I wouldn't say in public.

My biggest concern is that this is a very informal blog, but I feel like that's okay, for now. Anyway, I'm just testing it out. If it turns out to have a downside I don't like, I'll just go back to being plain old "found."

: )

Denis said...

Congrats on Minnesota!

As for the secret identity problem, I like to think that readers identify more with people they have a name for.

I don't care who knows my name, and I also don't care what they think about what I write, which will eventually get me into trouble, but I don't care about that too much either ;)

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