Last Minute Story (Bad, Writer)

  1. Icon_lockladies and gentlemen, 4058 words. and i think we have an ending here. goodnight, seattle!
  2. Icon_lock@ms. x: i'm required to put a word count in the header. less than 4000 or over 5000 and we get docked a grade. thems the breaks.
  3. Icon_lockthey're closing the Boston Globe?! (...300 to go.)
  4. Icon_lock400 left. my pace is slowing...i'm getting sleepy. and distracted. @ms. x: i wish there was a patch for this.
  5. Icon_locktook a break for dinner, against better judgment. up past bedtime. 500 words left @ms. x: admitting we have a problem is the 1st step.
  6. Icon_lock600 to go...must. find. ending.
  7. Icon_lock3135... @ms. y: thank goodness, it's how many words i have done. thanks for the luck! i'm getting so close. just need to find an ending.
  8. Icon_lock3015...@ms. x: thanks for the encouragement! let's hope i get over this procrastination thing before grad school : )
  9. Icon_lock2845.
  10. Icon_lock2436.
  11. Icon_lock2263. i think tweeting about it actually helps keep me motivated.
  12. Icon_lock2028 down! over the halfway mark. but my bedtime is 10 pm, since i have to wake up at 4 am for work. so i'd better get moving.
  13. Icon_lock1846 down.
  14. Icon_lock2678, i suck at math.
  15. Icon_lock1322 down, (4000-1322=wait...2778? oh crap) to go
  16. Icon_lock900 words down, 3100 to go. This is pathetic.
  17. Icon_lock@ms. y: I know the feeling!
  18. Icon_lockbad writer.
  19. Icon_lockturning off the internet, writing if it kills me.
  20. Icon_lock@ms. x: thanks for the stories, you're my hero : )
  21. Icon_lock@ms. x: good suggestion, thanks. i've been looking over prompts. i have about six different starts, but feel crappy about all of them.
  22. Icon_lock@ms. x: ugh, i'm so blocked, and i need a story by monday. why must i be such a procrastination junkie? and now i'm twittering...
  23. Icon_lockdevoid of ideas.

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Ms. Sushi said...

RE: #2 I was wondering why you were so concerned with word count. That's harsh.

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