Check out this article over at the New York Times. They didn't talk to any writers, but it's still relevant.

Tight Times Loosen Creativity

Published: May 20, 2009
Hundreds of artists told us how the economy is affecting their lives and work.

There's a little video linked there, too:

The Recession-Proof Artist

Alexander Conner is an interdisciplinary artist continuing to make his art despite living on $12,000 a year.

Ha, "despite living on $12,000 a year?" It's a how-to for my life, and future : )

He lost points when he said "I'm a really great artist," or whatever he said, because who says that? With a straight face, no qualifiers, on camera?

If I EVER say "I'm a really great writer," please pinch me, really hard, and then stop speaking to me until I snap out of it.

Plus, he's got no student debt. He's got a job at a museum. This guy is living the sweet life, at least for now.

Hey though, good for him.

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