Let's Take a Vote (De-Lurk, Ye Lurkers)

So, I kind of feel like I should take the blog down, start over with a less guess what happened to me today/work sucks/I like cider beer approach.

Try to be more serious and professional, mwah ha ha? Since I'm going to be starting this program, and I'm going to be teaching, and I feel like I'm supposed to have a "myrealname.com" sort of website, where I (try to) say brilliant things in a charming, writerly manner.

I sorta feel like an idiot, now that I know I'm not really as anonymous as I thought I was. I have fun with this little bloglet, though---and I'm not sure I have the time to be serious, right now.

Pretty please, let me know what you think. Is this blog too embarrassing for a future MFA student? Could I ever put my real name on it without dying of shame? I know it's a silly little site, but what if I promise to start being more put together, before the program starts?

What would you do? Are there any redeeming qualities, or has this blog served its purpose---getting me through the MFA admissions season with my gray matter intact?

PS---No blowing smoke where it doesn't belong!


Gwyn said...

i've started and taken down so many blogs i've lost count... none with my real name attached. :) each time, i try to make it something i could feel comfortable making public, and each time, i devolve into pettiness or unattractive ranting/obsessing. sigh.

i think at this point, my philosophy on blogging and other internet content is: don't put your name on it unless it contributes positively to (or at least doesn't contradict/undermine) the image you want to convey to potential readers, agents, editors and colleagues... not to mention employers. for some people that might include content that's unusually informal, sometimes even offensive, and that works for what they're doing. but your image is your decision. best to err on the conservative side if you're not sure; the internet has a way of hanging on to things...

Gwyn said...

do you like how that comment is attached to my real name? blah!

found said...

ha, oops! thanks for the advice, it's what i was afraid of... : )

Eric said...

For what it's worth, I enjoy your blog, and the content you put on it. I do want to echo what Gwyn said, though -- it's always good to err on the conservative side when posting something, but really, I've never read anything that I found dubious on this blog, professionally or personally. I really don't think a casual voice/tone on a blog is a bad thing. It gives it a certain charm ;)

found said...

Thanks for the comment! (I just commented back at yours.)

I got another vote for leaving it as is, via email. And I think that's what I want to do, anyway---so I'll just keep having fun here, stay anonymous, and try to remember that posts might be forever. I do try to be *somewhat* conservative, in that there are only certain kinds of things I talk about here, and I only talk about them in certain ways.

I can always do a more formal site elsewhere, if I start to feel like that matters.

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