I can't keep eating like this. Free food is free food (or, a shift meal is a shift meal)---but every day? I can feel my arteries organizing a protest.

And lately I'm too worn out to cook when I get home, so dinner's been frozen pizza and/or canned soup and fish sticks. Not good.

I was really proud of myself last week, I actually made myself a huge okra and green bean stew, and I've been eating it with couscous and lemon. But I'm running out.

Someone come make me a curry, quick.


Ms. Sushi said...

If I could make a curry, I would make one for you. A yellow one.

Gwyn said...

before i moved back in with my mom (who cooks me vegetables every day because she knows i won't eat them otherwise), my primary source of green matter was trader joe's frozen asparagus. highly recommended (if you like asparagus, that is) and easy to make!

also, i went several months in portland eating nothing but lean cuisine microwave meals for lunch. they're pretty tasty, not horrible for you calorie/fat-wise, and they always come with veggies! i mean, if we're talking fish sticks and frozen pizza, it's a step up, right?

found said...

yellow curry! and thom yum soup. and stuffed mushrooms.

i don't like asparagus so much, but i do keep the freezer stocked with frozen broccoli. i always look at the various microwave meals, but i have a problem committing to them when i'm in the grocery store. maybe because i used to eat them constantly, during my post high school slump. doesn't make any sense to be so resistant, considering the stuff i'm willing to put into my body...

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