Cracking Clay

Not much makes me miss the desert, but this video makes me miss it so much I could cry.

"Four Provinces," by The Walkmen

I shouldn't be here. I should be writing a story that starts with the first line of Kate Chopin's "The Storm," so that's what I'm going to go do.

♥ Goodnight, world.


gilmorethewriter said...


It's hard to post more than a couple times a month now for me too. I've always liked your posts, so I'm letting you know that I changed my blog from the old blogger one (as Cashew Elliott) to a new one on wordpress that bears my name. I'm hoping to dare to let real people from my real life actually read this non-anonymous one.

I'll continue to follow your occasional posts...

wahida said...

hey, sorry for the super late reply! but i'll totally check out your new site : ) hope life is good!

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