By the Way, My Brand New Life (Oh, Minneapolis)

So I know I dropped off the side of the planet. But I'm here! And now, here is Minneapolis. I arrived at the end of July, and ever since I've been running around trying to get my life in order. Things are just about normalized, so I figured I'd pull it together and post a post for you good people of the internets.

I got lost one night, and ended up with a great view of the river. Did you know the Mississippi runs between the Twin Cities? I didn't, until my first visit in March. "Look at those chunks of ice! Is that a lake?" No, Wahida. It's the Mississippi.

I house sat in St. Paul for the first couple weeks I was here. I found this little street poem in the sidewalk on a random corner:

This is my "breakfast nook." It's like a restaurant booth, but in my kitchen. I am so in love with it. I have red cushions on the benches now. The boxes have been shuffled away, as well. Best part is, it doubles as a writing nook.

Hmmm----what else? Well, here's a picture of the corner of Lake & Hennepin, the (yuppified?) heart of Uptown Minneapolis. I don't live near this intersection, but I do live in Uptown. Most of my friends-----I love love love my classmates-----live here too, and so far I adore it.

Well, I need to write up another post about all the school/MFA stuff that's going on. I'll be back! Hope September is treating you well.


Weronika Janczuk said...

Ah, yes, the Mississippi and our epic Twin Cities. I love it here and I'm glad that you're getting settled. Thanks for sharing the photos!

JayTee said...

great pics. I love all the color in your place! I'm a fan of the nook. The nook needs its own facebook page and twitter account.

wahida said...

Thanks ladies! The nook thanks you too, JayTee : )

Emily said...

Yay for a breakfast/writing nook!

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