The MFA Chronicles

So, I met a lot of great people on P & W and the MFA Blog during the application season. Some of us decided it would be great to keep in touch via Facebook & Twitter, and I met a lot of new great people through the people I'd already connected with.

One of those great people, Jonterri Gadson, came up with a great idea: a collaborative blog made by first year MFA students. And so The MFA Chronicles was born. We're all starting at different programs, we have different genres, and most of us have never met in person. I'm excited to be a part of it and I'll hope you'll check us out.

PS---I spread the word to my wonderful S. She's starting a Creative Writing PhD in fiction, and I think she'll give us a fun perspective from a different angle.


Weronika said...

Ooh, two great resources -- I'm off to check them out! Thank you for sharing!

JayTee said...

Awesome! I'm really excited to see where this goes! Thanks so much for contributing!! We'll all have to do a big meetup at AWP!

Molly said...

Hey: We look forward to meeting you in a few weeks! (I'm Molly, second year poetry.) Hope you join us with Dislocate too. xo

wahida said...

Hey Molly!

So great to hear from you, thanks for the welcome. I'm definitely interested in Dislocate, and I can't wait to meet everyone. I'm here already but if I don't see you around early I'll see you in September : )

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